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Ive put together the blueprint of my success i've had with my barber career. The successful barber career that has me booked out week to week, gaining 5-10 new clients off social media a week, making a minimum of $1500-$2000 a week, a 6 figure income, building a platform over 100k+ Followers in 10 months, selling products , getting paid off of Youtube and more!

The worth of A barber and marketing course like this like this i can easily charge $1500-$3000 there is so much knowledge/value and thousands and thousands of money to be made in this course and industry.The barber and hair industry is wide open, its your decision to want to step in the industry and make a brand of your own.

If you want to take it up to a higher level like i did with my barber career, to where I've built a huge platform over 100k+ followers on social media in less then a year to attract clientele, get paid on youtube, giving $50 cuts on all ages and $100 cuts for my off days and to charge for extra services that i've discovered over time while i was a garage barber was to offer all of that to my clients and capturing the moment that took my barber career to another level by going by this blueprint I'm giving you guys.

I'm saving you guys all the headaches and trial and error situations that we go through as barbers trying to decide whens the best time to go up on prices,what services to offer, figuring out the right barber tools you need, learning all types of haircuts, controlling your business and growing your business the right way. Im gonna take you through every step to have your barber career on the right path to building your own platform so one day you can be that known barber through out social media that has built their own brand.

Full course will teach you step by step on how to create content and hair cut tutorials and more! Its All Business Talk!

I will go over

-How To Capture Content

-Quality Hair Cuts

-Record Time

-Building Your Own Brand

-Barber Services To Earn More Money

-What Recording App To Use To Make These Viral Videos

-The Right Type Of HashTags To Post

-Online Booking Schedule And Adding It Social Media Platforms

-Market And Advertise The Right Type Of Caption On All Post

-Advertise Business For Free

-How To Get Paid From Youtube

-Making Tutorial Videos

-Learn How To Put Your Brand On Products

-Barber Insurance

-Tax Deductions For Barbers

-How To Apply Pop Hair Fibers

-How To Trademark A Name Or Brand

-The Perfect Studio Set Up & Barber Set Up

-See How Many People You Can Reach With A Hair Cut In 1hr!! In 1 Day!

-How To Pick Thumbnail Cover

And Much MORE!!

*DISCLAIMER- NO REFUNDS. This does not guarantee your results if you don't put in the work day to day. There are no refunds after purchase as i put all my effort, integrity, and quality in this course to help your barber career. This course is for day to day grinders that aren't looking for that overnight success, only made for those wanting to learn and grow day to day and be all about business talk.

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Tyler Dew


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